First Post (for lack of a better idea for a title)

Placeholder ImageSo I guess you could call this my first post. I don’t really plan on this being very long, just to be a brief introduction to this blog and the whole idea behind it.

Being a recent college grad, I am finding the job search is proving difficult even as a young adult with a 4 year degree. I spent my whole college career wondering what I would do when I graduated and trying to find something I loved enough to spend the rest of my life doing. And unfortunately I have to inform you that I still haven’t found that thing.

I’ve romanticized so many career choices in my head that I think now I am too stubborn to settle for something less than extraordinary. I feel like I’ll only be satisfied when I’ve achieved some sort of impossible goal or dream. And impossible for a good reason too. Most likely I’ll be aiming for something that only a select few individuals can achieve just by sheer probability.

But nonetheless, here I am. So I’ve created this blog to share some of the work that I do enjoy doing; writing. I’m not sure if I’m even good at it. I just know that it makes me happy and I find myself spending hours doing it without even noticing. I hope that this blog will one day serve as the way that I got my start as a writer or broke into the writing industry. Only time will tell.

So, for now, enjoy the probably severely amateur stories and other random stuff that I decide to post on here for god knows why.

Yours truly,



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