cropped-running-05Running. I’ve always hated it. In high school gym class when given the chance to either walk or run the mile, I always chose to walk.

I hated running because I never thought I was any good at it. I knew I wasn’t very athletic from a very young age and from then on, I assumed that any sport (including running) I tried I would be complete rubbish at.

I avoided running for a long time. My little sister started running cross country and running just for exercise. And she was fast. So when she asked me to run with her, I found a way to excuse myself from it.

I was too tired.

I would be too slow.

I was bad at breathing. (??!!) Not sure how that one ever made any sense.

The reason that I hated running was because I always thought I was bad at it when the was the completely wrong way to look at it. I wasn’t bad at running, I just hadn’t given it enough time.

In May of 2016 I decided to go vegan for many reasons that I do not intend to get into right now. But that decision sent me into a spiral of choices that was eventually going to lead me to a healthier life. One of those decisions was to start running.

Now I try to run every other day when my schedule allows. Sometimes two days in a row if I feel like it. And when I go more than two or three days without a run, I panic.

I’m not fast at all. I run like an 11 minute mile and I can only go about 2 miles before I call it quits.

But I love everything about those 22 minutes of my day. I feel the rush of adrenaline pour over me and my legs become separate from my body. My brain thinks of nothing but the music that flows into my ears through my headphones and my chest rises and falls as my mouth heaves the air into my esophagus.

I guess the moral of this little story is to never think that you’re bad at something before you actually try to do it. And not like wimpy trying, like full on giving it a shot.

Maybe you’ll end up loving something, and maybe you won’t.

Maybe you’ll just find something you’re good at, but also maybe you’ll realize you were right all along.

And that’s perfectly okay.



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