150 days after

I’m getting to that point after graduation where it’s starting to feel more and more real that I have actually graduated. It’s been 4 full months of no school and sooner than I think, I’ll be hitting that 6 month mark.

It feels weird to not go to class, or have midterm exams or write papers. I mean, I’m not complaining, but I kind of miss it.

I miss the routine of school and class and I miss the challenges it threw at me. I miss having an excuse to not do certain things but I also love not having to plan around school breaks just to do fun things.

I’m finally starting to reach the point where my part time job is just not cutting it anymore. Its not fulfilling. I feel overqualified. And honestly, I feel underpaid.

It must be exciting to get that first full time job and watch the paychecks just roll in. The amount of money in my bank account now is going to seem like pocket change in comparison.

I guess the only reason I’m dwelling on missing college is because I haven’t moved on to the next stage of life yet. I’m still in this weird in-bewteen place where I haven’t moved out of my parents and into my own place or I haven’t started that 9-5 job with benefits and bigger paychecks.

I never thought I would say this, but I’m anxious to put on my big girl shoes and get out into the world. I want to meet new people and challenge my mind again. I want to see new places and try new things and just have a change of scenery really.

I think I’m finally ready to accept my fate as a college graduate.

And the right opportunity couldn’t come any sooner…. (yes, I’m waiting right here)


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