Just Write It Down


Next time you get a really good idea, or even a slightly okay idea, WRITE. IT. DOWN.

I just recently realized the importance if writing down my own thoughts.

For a while now, I’ve kept this notebook that I write things down in. Mostly it’s thoughts or ideas and sometimes the long winded journal entry. I find it helps ease my mind if I write things down that are bothering me or that I am having some sort of thought about rather than keeping it inside my head where it tends to get lost or completely distract me.

Not long ago, I had a great idea for a post on this blog while I was running. Of course, since there was nothing else for me to do other than think and run, I remember the idea and when I finished my run I typed a few quick notes into my iPhone and went on my merry way.

Just the other day I had a great idea for a fiction story that I could post on this blog and build up my fiction content with. For a while now I have felt like that was lacking as most of the things posted are all pieces I wrote in college.

So of course I was excited that I had an idea for what probably would have been just a short story but a story nonetheless.

And then I FORGOT IT.

I didn’t write anything down to remind myself later about it and I completely forgot the idea.

Needless to say, I learned my lesson about writing things down and I hope you do too.

The human brain is not to be trusted. Just write your ideas down and don’t be a disappointed dumb dumb like me.

Rant Over.


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