Special Delivery


The October air is cool and still this night. It’s Halloween night. All the neighborhood kids are out trick-or-treating in their store bought costumes.

Jenna sits on her couch watching horror movies as her parents leave for a party down the street.

“We’ll be home by 1 sweetie. There’s a bowl of candy by the front door for trick-or-treaters,” her mother says.

“C’mon honey, we don’t want to be late,” her father says, flashing his vampire teeth in a big smile.

“Bye sweetie. Love you,” her mom says before closing the door behind her.

Finally some peace and quiet, Jenna thinks.

She returns to her spot on the sofa and grabs her phone. She unlocks it and reads the next text from her boyfriend, James. Instead of answering him by text, she dials his number.

“Hey babe,” he says when he picks up.

“Hey why don’t you come over for a bit. My parents are out and they won’t be back for a while,” she says with a suggestive tone in her voice.

“Ok, I’ll be right over,” James says quickly before hanging up.

Jenna smiles to herself and takes her bulky hoodie off. Underneath is a slinky tank top her parents would have definitely disapproved of.

About ten minutes pass and Jenna begins to assume James has ditched her.

“That jerk,” she’s says aloud,”I know it was too good to be true.”

Just then her phones buzzes on the couch. She picks it up and sees a message from a strange number. When she unlocks her phone the message opens up and reads:


That’s weird, she thinks. Who’s sending me packages on halloween night? It’s probably James messing with me. Ugh.

She gets up off the couch, her phone still in her hand. The world outside is dark with only the streetlights to see into the darkness. She unlocks the front door and pulls it open, allowing the cold breeze to shock the exposed skin on her arms and shoulders.

She steps outside onto the front porch and  looks around for this mysterious special delivery. Leaves rustle and blow down the street with a big gust of wind. Jenna wraps her arms around herself to keep warm.

“James!” she calls. No answer. She goes out onto the sidewalk in front of her house and calls down the street. It’s silent and still. The howling of the wind is the only sound around her.

“James, I know you’re out here. What’s this ‘special package’ you have for me?” she says.

Once again there is no answer. Jenna begins to worry that something isn’t right so she heads back towards the door. Theres a snap from the tree-line that causes Jenna to pause in her tracks. She looks to the woods, but sees nothing.

“Ok James, this isn’t funny anymore. Just come out and we can go inside.”

She waits in the silence for a minute, maybe less. Then she turns on her heels and heads back up the front steps.

Just as she reaches the top one, her feet are ripped out from under her and her face is smashed onto the wood floor of the porch.

As she opens her mouth to scream, a sharp object comes down hard on the back of her head.

And then her vision is engulfed in darkness.




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