Presidential Election Results 2016


This is not normally something I would comment on.

In fact, if you browsed all my social media accounts, I have not commented on it.

I think there is a time and place for discussions like this, and it is not on the internet.

But here it goes…

I am unhappy about the results of this election. I am worried. I am scared.

But I am also hopeful.

I will give Mr. Trump the benefit of the doubt and hope that as the leader of our country he will rise to the occasion and listen to the voices of the many americans who want to see this country succeed.

I am also hopeful after seeing the map of how the millennials (or young people aged 18-25) voted in this election.

We all stand together on so many important issues.

And although the candidate presented to us may or may not have been the best to represent the views we have on those issues, the pure fact that we all see eye-to-eye about how people as a whole need to move forward gives me great joy.

I feel proud to be a part of a generation who is going to change the world no matter what happens in the White House. We are a generation of compassion and action and we will fight no what kind of oppression stands in our way.

Neither candidate wholly embodied everything I believe in or value. But I am a young, educated, millennial, woman. I’m sure you can connect the dots to figure out who I voted for.

Despite the fact that I was old enough to vote in the election that brought Obama into his second term, I did not vote as I attended college in a county where I was not registered to vote in.

The fact that I got to vote in an election where the first woman candidate was on the ballot gave me so much strength and again, hope.

I am proud of the world and the country we live in where these kinds of leaps and bounds are being made after all the negativity and oppression our past holds.

I can’t wait to see what happens 4 years from now at the 2020 election.

See you there guys and girls.



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