191 days after

Despite the countless amount of applications filled out and submitted, it’s complete radio silence on my end.

I am just chugging away at my daily life as it has been for the past 6 months now. Going to my same job, living at home with my parents, transferring the same measly amount of $50 into my savings account each time I get paid.

Soon enough, my first student loan payment will be due. December 19th to be exact. I worry what this monthly payment will do to my savings and how I will ever be able to move out on my own if it drains everything I have.

Of course, I still have my job that pays above minimum wage but nothing crazy.

I guess I can look forward to possibly getting a raise from my boss for good work ethic and leadership.

But some days I have this feeling deep inside that is eating away at the fact that I feel trapped.

Its like I may never escape this life of monotony. Or that at the very least it will be 3-5 years until I do.

Am I satisfied to wait that long to start making something out of my life?


As of recently, I have felt compelled to start finding a way to make my mark on this world that may not involve making money or having a job.

I really want to find groups that fight for the causes that I care about and attend rallies and protests and volunteer for events. There is so much more in this world that I care about other than getting a job that I don’t see why now wouldn’t be a great time to start getting involved.

If anyone out there knows any great organizations that really could use the efforts right now, let me know. I’m sure as young people, there are tons of causes that we are passionate about and tons of organizations that are fighting for those things.

Please feel free to reach out. My inbox is always open.



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