Books vs. Movies


You’d think this post would be about what’s better when it comes to the movie or book version of a story.

And you would be wrong.

What I want to talk about in this post is what I personally choose to experience first of the two.

For me, it has been a personal rule that I do not view the movie version of a story until I read the book (if it exists).

This rule started for me back when the Twilight series came out by Stephanie Meyers.

I had to finish the book before I went to the theatre with my high school friends to see the newly released film.

And for each consecutive movie adaptation of each book in the series, I did the same. Then for ever book-turned-movie story since, I followed suit.

It may not make any difference to most people what is enjoyed first or second, but to me it always has.

I felt that since the book is always lengthier and therefore more detailed than the movie, it gives more of the story and backstory. It also allows the reader to connect more to the characters and plot line.

Sometimes I think movies fall short in getting the backstories of events out in a cohesive manner. Just using visuals where words would be more descriptive is something directors and producers have to work around when turning a book into a movie.

I have also always felt that movie adaptations do such injustice to literature when they make cuts to important details or scenes. They may not make it into the movie version for reasons such as time or clarity but to me it has always seemed insensitive. Writers work so hard creating little details that connect the reader to the characters and the story just to have a director cut those things out to keep the run time short.

Actions don’t always speak louder than words either. Sometimes I’ve noticed that little actions or images shown in a movie don’t evoke the same feeling as a page worth of imagery or dialogue.

Obviously, other people may feel similar to me and other may feel the opposite. And thats perfectly fine.

I just figured I would share my personal reasons behind how I indulge in books and movies of stories.

Share in the comments how you do it and maybe some reasons.

Thanks for reading!


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