New Year’s Resolutions


Well, that time has come again. A new year, a new you. Right?

Ok, well for some people it is. The rest of us just try to make plans to better ourselves in the next 12 month span and usually end up failing. At least we tried though.

I am really bad at making New Year’s Resolutions. Usually, I hate New Year’s Eve and everything that comes along with it. I spend most of them sitting alone in my house watching the ball drop or going to bed early and pretending the whole thing never happened (maybe that’s why I can’t stop writing 2016 on everything for weeks after).

But this year, I am trying something different.

2016 has been a crazy year for sure. For the world, and for myself in particular.

I moved out of my parents house and lived on my own for a few months. (jeez the real world is harder than I thought).

I moved back in with my parents and realized how hard it is to live with your parents after you’ve been on your own for a while. (I can’t win, can I?)

I got to see and MEET my favorite artist of all time, Jon Bellion, which was easily the most exciting moment of the year.

I flew on a plane for the first time since I was a child and went to myrtle beach for a week and had tons of fun with my best friend (who is also my little sister).

I went vegan and have been since May of 2016 so I’m almost to the year mark. (maybe more on this topic at a later date.)

I finished college (woo!) and got that degree that I worked so long and hard for.

So clearly, lots of stuff happened in a year and so many things that I wanted to, didn’t.

I started this blog, which I have failed miserably at keeping up and I didn’t travel nearly as much as I wanted too.

I haven’t gotten my dream job or moved to a new city like I wanted to.

Which brings us to the most important part of this post…


  1. Post more frequently on this blog with quality content (not just junk to get a post up)
  2. Move out of my parents house (for good!)
  3. Get a job that is full time and gives me benefits and stuff and that also doesn’t feel like a job at all
  4. Get my body to a place where I can be happy looking in the mirror everyday
  5. Make it to the year mark of being Vegan and KEEP GOING
  6. Travel to at least one country I have never been to and one state I haven’t been to
  7. Make a best friend thats not my sister (she’ll always be number one but I need someone for when she’s not around)
  8. Read more books
  9. Get a real tattoo by a real tattoo artist
  10. BE HAPPY


Comment down below telling me some of your new year’s resolutions or goals. I would love to see what you guys have planned or what you are trying to improve on. Remember, just setting the goals is the first step. If you don’t hit them all this year, we always have next year. Β πŸ˜‰





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