347 days after


Where do I start?

It’s been nearly a year (holy shit) since I graduated and everything has changed. Well, not everything. Just a lot.

The last 90 or so days have been wild.

In that time, I’ve gotten a new job that’s full time with benefits and pays pretty well. I’ve been comfortably spending money and even saving some in the hopes that I can move out of my parents house soon.

Jeez, I guess when they say that things can change in an instant, they aren’t kidding. It all happened so fast and sometimes it’s still hard to believe that it’s my reality now.

The only downside of all this wonderful news is that the job I’m doing now really isn’t in my field and although I am working for the business office in a hospital, the medical field wasn’t really where I wanted my degree to take me.

So its true kids, you don’t get a job in your field right after you graduate. Even a year after you won’t. Hell, it may be 4 or 5 years until I actually get into the industry that I want to be in.

But I’m here for now. And here is all that matters. I’m taking all this in stride, day by day.

I’ll get there someday. And if you’re struggling right now too, know that you’ll get there someday too.



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